Bobo Academy

The best part of throwing Queer Mafia events is bringing our community and community organizations together. We are so grateful to work with these two lovelies.

BOBO ACADEMY is the online pride apparel shop run out of Ottawa by two queer gals Liz and Niki. From tanks to hoodies, they gear their unique, cool and hella gay designs towards the glbtq community and allies alike.

They teamed up with us, to bring you all some QM apparel while donating to an awesome organization, the Ten Oaks Project!

Swag it up!

Liz is a born and raised Ottawa gal and Niki is a country girl from Mount Chesney. They are partners in crime and queer friendly gals that noticed a gap in apparel geared towards the GLBTQ community as well as its allies. They met in the capital city of Ottawa and have been piecing together ideas for this project since late 2013 based off a silly little nickname.

Their group of friends started referring to one another as the “bobos” (nope, not pronounced booboos) since first hearing the term through a friend's sister. The bobo nickname stuck with their lovely and diverse group of talented ladygays for the last few years now! About a year or two ago Liz was tagged in a friend's photo who had spotted the word "Bobo Academy", her friend had tagged a whole group of friends in it because they had always called one another bobos. The name stuck with Liz and the B.A brand came to life. Originally, Liz dreamed and joked about shooting a short film of what she started to refer to as Bobo Academy. She ended up meeting Niki and started designing graphics for apparel instead but hey, maybe one day that video will show up!

B.A apparel will make you stand out at any Pride festival you attend with their creative and pride driven designs. Join the academy and grab yourself a tee. Don't forget to post #selfies with #boboacademy apparel on Instagram, when you hashtag them, you'll appear on this website!

The Queer Mafia

Our vision is to host events that unite Ottawa's queer and social justice networks, build community, and support artists and not-for-profit groups. We do this by employing our collective passions, creativity, and skills to raise awareness & funds for grassroots organizations.
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