POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work, Educate and Resist) is a non-profit voluntary organization that advocates for the human and labour rights of sex workers in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

We envision a society in which sex workers are able to practice their professions free of legal and social discrimination, victimization, harassment and violence and in which sex work is valued as legitimate and fulfilling work making an important contribution to society.

Membership is open to individuals of all genders who self-identify as former or current sex workers, regardless of the industry sector in which they work(ed) (i.e. dancers, street level workers, in and out call workers, phone sex, etc.) and to allies who share our vision.

For information, strategies and tips for being an ally to sex workers or providing services to us, please see our most recent publication:

The Toolbox: What Works for Sex Workers
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POWER advocates for the human and labour rights of sex workers with the police, in the community and through the courts. Our work is done almost entirely by volunteers (including the pro bono work of our fabulous legal counsel), but your generous donations will help pay for costs such as legal disbursements, web hosting, graphic design and other professional services – not to mention snacks for our monthly sex worker socials!

For more information on POWER and its work, please visit powerottawa.ca.