The Ottawa Wolves form a Rugby Football Club for men and women in Canada’s National Capital Region. The Club was founded in 2008 with the mission to promote and encourage participation in rugby among those who have traditionally been under-represented in the game. The team is predominantly gay, but diverse in its make-up, and inclusive of everyone.

The Wolves may be one of the smallest LGBTQ oriented sports teams in Ottawa, but the Club has amassed a huge following of fans and supporters. The Club has earned a reputation for putting on successful events which are extremely well attended by the community.

Since inception, the Ottawa Wolves have sought out and connected with thousands of people around the National Capital Region, Canada and the World. The team believes it is important for its members to be positive and active forces within the community. Members of the Club have contributed both time and funds to a variety of local groups and causes in our region. Most notably, the team contributes to the annual Aids Walk for Life through fundraising and volunteer activities.

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