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By August 10, 2014Queer

QM envisions event planning, promotion and spaces that are accessible, relevant to our communities and most of all a fabulous time.  QM aims to provide queer visibility within Ottawa spaces and events and consequently seek to cultivate and nurture connections with other awesome community organizations that share similar visions of anti-oppression, sex positivity and social justice. QM work towards centering intersecting oppression and experiences we face as queer folks, trans folks and other marginalized folks.

QM grew out of recognition of a lack of spaces, resources and events in the Ottawa region that speak to our identities. Therefore a collective effort was made to start a network that would centre our own realities and communities. In addition to providing accessible event planning and new media services QM members aim to create networks in which us queers can celebrate the amazing work we are all passionately doing, our strength and resilience and well one another!

QM works towards the promotion of queer and trans artists, musicians, performers, DJs, dancers, crews, both local and all around, all the while supporting many other artists and talents that we know are doing great work in their own communities!

QMs values involve (but are not limited to) supporting awesome local queer folks and community organizations and to increase the accessibility of queer-friendly resources, services and events that promote our diverse identities and experiences! We work towards ongoing learning and accessibility that centres social justice, sex-positivity and anti-oppression frameworks.

While, we recognize that QM is imperfect and continuously learning we are committed to doing the work and pushing ourselves in order to truly remain transformative and accountable to our communities and supporters.

Although the board is open exclusively to local queer identified folks and our work centres our diverse queer and trans communities, allyship from all communities, of all genders and sexual orientations are encouraged to get in touch with QM for service information, sponsorship possibilities, support services and well anything dapper and fabulous

Our Safe{r} Space Policy

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